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Ways To Help Poor And Needy

Ways to Help Poor and Needy

Ways to Help Poor and Needy

We are the human beings and we can understand the pain of other human beings as well, but still we do not help the people who are in pain. This is really sad and we should not do like that. We can join social activity in order to help others.

Here are the ways in which I’ll mention:-

<> By donating clothes

<> By exchanging the clothes to the garments shops in exchange of Voucher’s or new clothes this initiative is taken my garments owner’s shop……

In this context. I’d like to narrate a real story. Here I begin; many poor people die because of cold, said by the fonder of NGO. They lay down in the streets because of not having cloth. During winter season it was like a trend in the early’s day the founder person. The most heart touching and painful words were that the man used to take the unclaimed dead body his daughter used to take the shelter from Dead bodies for getting heat.”. These were enough to take steps and start his own nongovernmental organization.

This was quiet descriptive narration and the best illustration to offer the poor people with Clothes.

Another illustration or way is "langaras” in gurudwaras. They provide the food to the poor and needy people at free of cost.

You can join volunteer teams and volunteer activities to serve our society. we can do it as this is all about our priority.

WE should volunteer ourselves and should ser ve with care and affection to the needy people, if the two necessities are fulfilled, they will surely try from their end to complete third necessity i.e. is shelter. You can join Social Activities in order to provide helping hands to the people who are in need.


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